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1.Getting Started #

The CV Automation REST API gives partners a simple straightforward approach to submit request to the parsing service. Because it uses HTTP requests(GET) and responses(JSON), the REST API is accessible from many programming languages.

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2.CVAutomation REST API #

CV Automation uses simple authorization mechanism for the REST API. CVA customers can obtain OAuth keys by logging in to their account and clicking [Main] -> [MY Account] -> [Generate Auth Keys].

You must have a valid API key that contains the following data before your application can perform the OAuth authorization process described below:

client_id = [ID generated by CVA to identify your account]
client_secret = [Password generated by CVA for your application to authenticate into the system]

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3.GET request option #

REST API Endpoint:


Query Strings

fl = [Public URL of the CV you want to parse]
(must be URL encoded) eg. http://mysite.com/files/cv/toparse.docx

l = [optional preferred language]
If you want the data to be outputted in your preferred language

Example request call:

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4.JSON response content #

Use the output of our live demo as reference for fields and sections.

A = raw_output

TEXT format of the CV,
cv_text = A[‘text’][‘cv’]

PHOTO (in base64)
photo = A[‘text’][‘photo_b64’]

Parsed Object
obj = A[‘parsed’]

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